Celebrating World Bath Bomb Day

World Bath Bomb Day is here!

On Wednesday April 27, customers can head down to their nearest Lush shop and pick up a bath bomb to take home – while stocks last.

World Bath Bomb Day is the beginning of a series of activities by Lush to celebrate and promote the importance of switching off, taking a deep breath, and letting a relaxing bath transport you to another place. 

Lush is driven by innovation and its ethics – be it bath bombs, haircare, skincare, makeup or packaging that fights climate change.

Invented by Lush co-founder and Product Inventor, Mo Constantine in her shed in 1989, Lush were first awarded the trademark for bath bombs on April 27 1990. The single layer, fast fizzing bath bomb was creatively packaged, turning bath time on its head.

Although previously unknown, the term ‘bath bomb’ is now so widely adopted it has been added to the Cambridge Dictionary. The trademark has since expired, but the joy of escaping into a vortex of steaming colour is more widespread than ever. The iconic Lush invention has taken on an identity of its own and earned its place in the cultural zeitgeist. 

The cosmetics brand is celebrating World Bath Bomb Day around the world, with its first 24-hour vending machine popping up in Coal Drop’s Yard at King’s Cross, London. Lush aim to provide customers with a distinctive retail experience, allowing them to purchase products at any time of the day. The kiosk is sustainably designed, running on low energy and available to customers for six months. 

Bath bombs transform the humble bath tub into a world of relaxation, inspiration.. or even seduction. To incorporate the power of bathing into your routine, head over to lush.com to take the quiz and find your perfect bath bomb match.


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