Businessman loses RM65,180 in lottery scam

KUANTAN,. A businessman was made poorer by more than RM65,000 after being duped into paying the amount for a winning lottery number that purportedly would make him a millionaire.

Pahang Commercial Crime Investigation Department head Supt Mohd Wazir Mohd Yusof said the 45-year-old victim claimed he transferred a total of RM65,180 to a given account by a man who claimed was able to predict the lottery number that would win him RM1.1 million.

“The victim claimed to have found out about the service on the prediction of winning lottery numbers while browsing Facebook last March and called the given WhatsApp number for more information.

“A man who responded to him (victim) said he had the lottery number that win RM1.1 million and instructed the victim to make the payments, which included for purchase of the lottery tickets, tax payment and administrative costs before the winning money could be credited into his (victim) account.

“The victim claimed to have made the payments through online transfer in 16 transactions since last March, with the latest payment, early this week.

“However, the victim became suspicious when he still did not receive the winning money and when the suspect threatened him if he did not continue to make the payment as instructed,” Mohd Wazir said in a statement today.

He said the victim lodged a report at the Bentong district police headquarters yesterday.



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