Biden slams Russia’s Putin as a ‘butcher’, who “cannot remain in power”

While giving a speech in Warsaw, United States president Joe Biden slammed Russia’s president Putin as a ‘butcher’, stressing that he “cannot remain in power”. Biden added that he was not sure whether Russia had changed its objectives, which he said so far have led to “strategic failure”.

The Whitehouse insisted Biden isn’t seeking regime change in Russia, and Biden stated that ordinary Russians were “not our enemy”. Biden then reiterated his support for the Ukrainian people. Biden’s remarks come as Russia launches rocket attacks on the Ukrainian city of Liviv. Four rockets have struck the city yesterday. The Liviv regional governor said two rockets struck a fuel depot on the city’s eastern outskirts, wounding five people, and two rockets later hit a military factory.

Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine has so far killed thousands of Ukrainians, and almost 3.8 million Ukrainians have fled the country as refugees, according to the UN. More than half of Ukraine’s children have been forced to leave their homes. Many Ukrainian refugee children left without parents are vulnerable to trafficking.

SOURCE: AFP | Al Jazeera | BBC


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