Best Mooncakes to Order for Mid-Autumn Festival 2021

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It’s the season for mooncakes once again, and Bangkok is a hot competition ground. The hotels are coming out with the most tantalising flavours and packaging design, grabbing one’s attention to make it into the Mid-Autumn festival shopping lists of nieces and nephews all over the town.

Kimpton Maa-Lai Bangkok

Possibly the most extravagant amongst mooncake package designs in Bangkok this year, the Kimpton Maa-lai Bangkok’s Limited Edition Kimpton Mooncake comes in an actual moon. That’s right, the hotel has created a perfect replica of the dark grey orb, with realistic craters and shadows, that transforms from a spherical mooncake platter into a moon lamp. This is by no means an exaggeration, as the orb comes with a wooden stand and warm, dimmable light. The mooncakes served inside are equally magical, with four savoury and sweet flavours of durian egg, Thai tea, mixed nuts, and cappuccino walnuts. The Limited Edition Kimpton Mooncake is available for a full pre-payment order until September 30, 2021, and can be picked up from September 9, 2021, onwards. 

Price: THB2,288 net

For more information, visit Kimpton Maa-lai Bangkok, email at taste.kimptonmaalai@ihg.com or call 02-056-9999.

Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

Mandarin Oriental Bangkok’s handcrafted mooncakes have a cult following, possibly even more so during the vacuum years when The Peninsula Bangkok ceased its mooncakes production. Two things that can be expected from Mandarin Oriental’s mooncakes are the special flavour of the year and the design of the hotel’s ornate box. This year, the special flavour—caramel butter with macadamia nuts—features premium ingredients such as Royal Projects macadamia and Le Beurre Bordier butter. Other well-loved flavours, including custard, durian with salted egg and salted lotus seed with egg yolk, are also available. Hosting eight delectable pieces, The Oriental Classic Box comes in a beautiful red hue and an ornate orchid motif. 

Price: THB818 (special price THB777.10 for orders between now until August 31, 2021)

For more information, visit The Mandarin Oriental Shop.

Pagoda, Marriott Marquis Bangkok

Marriott Marquis Bangkok mooncakes are available in a wide selection of traditional and contemporary flavours. Served in a hexagonal box with a dragon motif, one can opt between four large mooncakes or six mini mooncakes. The bigger mooncakes make for a perfect gift for elderlies, as they come in four classic flavours: Chinese-style dried pork (bak-kwa), white lotus seed with macadamia nuts, white lotus with melon seeds and egg yolk, and Chanthaburi durian with white lotus seeds and egg yolk. Those with a sweet tooth, however, will immensely enjoy the vanilla custard and malted chocolate Rocher mooncake filled with Valrhona chocolate and almond praline. 

Price: THB988 (four mooncakes) and THB888 (six mini mooncakes)

For more information, email reservations.bkkqp@marriotthotels.com or call 02-059-5999

Kin by Phra Nakhon, Capella Bangkok

Another unique mooncake on the list, Capella Bangkok’s Mid-Autumn festival gems stand out not because of its packaging but for its ‘Fortune Cakes’ concept and appearance. Putting a spin on these traditional bites, Capella Bangkok’s French Executive Pastry Chef Sylvain Constans drew inspiration from the diverse history and cultures of the Chao Phraya and Charoenkrung road. This debut mooncake release blends traditional Chinese with European, resulting in four ornately named, contemporary flavours presented in a vintage craft box with images of Charoenkrung:

  • Mid-Autumn Festival (Zhong Qiu 中秋): raspberry, rose and lychee  
  • Moon Appreciation (Shang Yue 赏月): passion fruit, Thai coconut and caramel
  • Blooming Blossoms (Hua Hao 花好): jasmine, vanilla and grapefruit
  • Full Moon (Yue Yuan 月圆): chocolate, praline and yuzu

Only available in a limited number of 200 sets, the mooncakes can be pre-ordered via Line Shop with delivery and pick-up available from September 1, 2021, onwards.

Price: THB1,788 net

For more information, email phranakhon.bangkok@capellahotels.com, Line @hostesspnk and @capellabangkok or call Kin by Phra Nakhon at 02-098-3817, 

Yu Ting Yuan, Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok

After Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok Hotel opened earlier in 2020, its Chinese restaurant, Yu Ting Yuan, received a warm reception from the locals. For the first time, Yu Ting Yuan is making their mooncakes debut in one signature flavour: black truffle with lotus seed and salted egg yolk. These exclusive mooncakes are available in just a limited release of 500 boxes only. 

Price: THB2,288 net

For more information, email festive.bangkok@fourseasons.com or call 02-032-0885.

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