Baghera/wines will launch the fall season and celebrate the end of the harvest on October 16 with the second volume of its quarterly online sales series, “Kipling #2.”

Since the first edition in April 2022, this sales format has been an instant success with a select and initiated clientele. This is the second volume of quartlery sales, onward will be set four times per year, live streamed by online auction.

Baghera/wines, based in Geneva, always has a surprise up its sleeve for fans of exceptional wines with impeccable provenance, and season after season offers new bottles that are among the most prized on the market.

Baghera/wines’ new quarterly online sales concept, launched in April 2022, is already proving its worth. The “Kipling” event allows aficionados and enlightened wine lovers to experience the thrill of an auction from the comfort of their sofas on Sunday afternoons.

Because quality is a non-negotiable criterion at Baghera/wines, a plethora of bottles of impeccable provenance will be available to online bidders on October 16th.

Kipling #2: A collection from Switzerland belonging to a passionate and very experienced doctor.

Baghera/wines, Europe’s leading wine auctioneer, is offering an unprecedented collection from French-speaking Switzerland for this Kipling #2, the work of a single man who has patiently gathered these pearls over several decades.

The team of specialists at Baghera/wines is offering an encounter with a simple man, whose interest has been continuously increased by numerous visits to Burgundy, that us, within the framework of this second “Kipling” sale. A complete and harmonious collection, meticulously cared for in every detail, will be offered to tantalise seasoned bidders during this next online auction, the result of an all-encompassing passion that has spanned several decades.

For Discerning Collectors, Nearly 80 Years of Viticulture

Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, Domaine Leroy, d’Auvenay, Leflaive, de Vogüé, Coche-Dury, G. Roumier, Comte Lafon, Charles Noëllat, Jacky Truchot, Trapet, Raveneau, Henri Jayer, René Engel, Méo-Camuzet, Lambray, JL Mugnier, Liger-Belair, Ponsot, and Ramonet are just some of the names that will resound like divine music in the ears of discerning collectors

Covering nearly 80 years of viticulture, and offering the best of these respective vintages, a total of more than 600 bottles and magnums from 1937 to 2016 will be offered for auction.

Julie Carpentier, co-founder of Baghera/wines and head of sales, adds: “What guides our instinct at Baghera/wines, and this instinct has never deceived us, is the conviction that all beautiful things are created with patience and over time. Like the client who has entrusted us with his collection, we build activities and projects with patience, kindness and vision. This collection, which is our second volume in the Kipling saga, is all about that: patiently put together, intelligently thought out and felt – with time and knowledge being our best allies, as they are those of our clients. This sometimes leads to true collection masterpieces. This is yet another example!

627 bottles and 3 magnums, spread over 318 lots, cover appellations that are as exceptional as they are popular with connoisseurs of great terroirs from Burgundy, such as some great Pinots Noirs and Chardonnays.

It is now an accepted rule that Baghera/wines puts together sales with an impeccable provenance. Ensuring that all aspects of online sales are secure, it is once again offering the “show”: the adrenalin of auctions and the auctioneer’s volubility – but with the peace of live-streaming. An online auction system that is among the most efficient in the world with an exceptional selection guaranteed by a team of internationally recognized experts.

Key data from the first “KIPLING #2” sale by Baghera/wines:

KIPLING sale: online quarterly accessible on

627 bottles. 3 magnums.

Place: Geneva – SWITZERLAND | Beau-Rivage, Geneva

Date: Sunday, October 16, 2022 from 2 pm

Number of lots: 318

Live-Streaming Sale: from Club 1865 by Baghera/wines

Online catalog accessible: September 2022



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