Alexandre Vauthier’s dancefloor-ready Couture is making Tatler’s Fashion Director want to party

Alexandre Vauthier is the king of cool-girl glamour. His references expertly sway between the 1970s and the 1980s with a foot firmly in what women, or at least I, want to look like now. Strong, effortlessly fabulous and, for lack of a better word, badass.

Steeped in the disco hedonism of the Parisian nightclub Le Palais, the video featuring his latest Haute Couture collection is Diana Ross meets Lauren Hutton at Studio 54. Watching it is the closest I’ve come to a dance party during lockdown. Wide leg trousers tucked into boots and strong structured shoulders give an edge to diamond encrusted dresses and tuxedo jackets.

One of my favourite looks is the diamanté flares trimmed with feathers rebelliously paired with a white T-shirt. How fabulous! Elsewhere in the collection, a dangerously low cut black sequined spangled dress acts as the definition of a party dress (especially if the party requires non-stop dancing and twirling around) and a full-on silver lamé ruffled mini dress is confidently worn with disheveled, French-girl hair and barely there makeup. Of course, a disco collection couldn’t be complete without a pair of hot pants set off by thigh high diamond trimmed boots which Vauthier gladly provides.

What I love about Vauthier’s pieces is that there is always a tension between masculine tailoring and the unabashed glamour of a sequin or a lamé ruffle. This is the perfect balance between wanting to look incredible and not trying too hard. The Vauthier woman is no doubt the most fun on any dancefloor. Sure, she takes the time to look good but once she’s out the door, she doesn’t think about it again. And that is a spirit I very much approve of.


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