Adler Spa Resort & Lodges: the new Eco-Resort in Sicily

The ADLER Spa Resorts & Lodges group lands near the Torre Salsa Nature Reserve.

Stop time and enjoy a new relationship with nature and a new contact with yourself, getting lost among immense orange groves, Mediterranean scrub and, at the edge of the horizon, the gentle waves that meet the golden sand.

The new resort is located in the municipality of Siculiana (AG), not far from the Torre Salsa Nature Reserve, one of the most famous and particular protected areas of Sicily.

Sustainable architecture: this is the main criterion that has guided both the owners, Andreas and Klaus Sanoner, and the architect Hugo Demetz.

excellence magazine adler resort sicilia

Sicily: the eco resort is ready to amaze

A philosophy of absolute integration with the environment and the surrounding landscape.

A design that is attentive to the use of materials in perfect harmony with the nature and resources of the area.

The synergy between the ADLER eco-resort and Sicily does not end here: the attention to detail and the enhancement of the places also translates into a strongly regional eno-gastronomic proposal.

The refined cuisine of the resort is created using locally grown fruit and vegetables, scrupulously following the requirements of organic and biodynamic agriculture.

In addition to the kitchen, the structure is also ready to amaze its lucky guests: several buildings wind their way with wonderful “green” roofs in an enchanting panoramic position.

excellence magazine adler resort sicilia

On the gentle slope of a hill, the view from the terraces of the 90 rooms sweeps without obstacles, to enjoy the true essence of Sicily.

Flower gardens, the scent of orange blossoms, olive trees and vines: an aromatic and typical flora that will immerse not only the sight, but also the sense of smell, in the atmosphere of the island, for a truly exclusive and intense experience.

The well-being of guests is also guaranteed by the power of the sea that inspires and encloses the treatments in the SPA area.

The lucky guests of the eco-resort will be able to relax with treatments such as thalassotherapy or volcanic applications.


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