A gift guide for the coffee lovers in your life

Here is the ultimate gift guide for the coffee lovers in your life. 

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Chances are, if you, yourself, aren’t a coffee lover, you know someone that is. Perhaps they’re simply addicted to coffee, the beverage. Or perhaps their fondness for coffee exceeds morning routine necessities. Either way, we’ve put together a gift guide for all the coffee lovers in your life. In case it matters, this gift guide is written, vetted, and approved by a coffee lover. So, we’re confident the coffeeholics you know and love will appreciate these gifts.

[Hero and featured image credit: Nathan Dumlao/Unsplash]

A Coffee Machine

Product: Bella – Espresso Machine 

A coffee machine is a must-have kitchen essential for coffee lovers. And this neo-retro espresso machine by Minimex is not only pragmatic, but also aesthetic. Buyers have the option of nine colours: yellow, black, cream, pink, mint green, red, blue, orange, and midnight blue. 

[Image credit: Minimex]

A Coffee Machine

Coffee Scrub

Product: Shimmer Coffee Scrub 

Know someone that loves body scrubs and coffee? This is the perfect gift. Free from PEGs, parabens, and phthalates – this glittery coffee body scrub exfoliates and moisturises the skin. 

 [Image credit: Sephora]

Coffee Scrub

A Coffee-scented Candle

Product: Kaoru Coffeelism Candle 

Candles make a good gift, especially for the festive season. Some people thrive on the smell of coffee. If you know someone like this, we’re confident this coffee-scented candle will not disappoint. 

[Image credit: Shopee]

A Coffee-scented Candle

A Book

Product: Stuff Every Coffee Lover Should Know  

Gift the caffeine addict in your life this book. Not just any ordinary book, a book written for coffee lovers. This pocket-sized handbook is the perfect guide for coffee connoisseurs  looking to grind and brew their own beans. 

[Image credit: Kinokuniya]

A Book

Coffee Brewer Set

Product: Kinto Alfresco Brewer Jug Set 

This minimal yet chic coffee brewer set is coffeeware we’re sure the coffee aficionados in your life will appreciate, and make good use of. The set consists of four pieces and is available in two colours: black and white. 

[Image credit: Pomelo]

Coffee Brewer Set


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