Review also notes weaknesses in programme management

KUALA LUMPUR – Kuala Lumpur’s flood mitigation management has not yet achieved its objectives based on the scope and audit samples covering six of the 23 (or 26.1%) of the flood mitigation projects under the Kuala Lumpur City Rainwater Management Drainage System Master Plan (Master Plan), as well as flash flood hotspots.

According to the Auditor-General’s Report 2021 Series 1, Kuala Lumpur City Hall has not fully implemented the proposed short-term flood mitigation measures (2018-2022) under the Master Plan, causing the problem of flash floods to remain unresolved.

“In addition, flash floods keep recurring even after the implementation of flood mitigation projects.

“Furthermore, there are weaknesses in aspects of programme management, including appointment of contractors, contract administration, maintenance work as well as components and configurations of the flood reservoirs and recreation ponds,” said the report.

To overcome the weaknesses highlighted and to ensure they do not recur in the future, the auditor-general has proposed that city hall implement flood mitigation projects in a balanced and consistent manner – by taking into account the consultants’ proposals and the requirements of hotspot projects, so that the implementation of flood mitigation programmes are more comprehensive and holistic.

The auditor-general also proposed that local authorities conduct an outcome evaluation of the mitigation programme based on city hall’s standard operating procedure in terms of its effectiveness in dealing with floods.

“Review the components and configurations of flood reservoirs and recreation ponds owned by city hall and carry out scheduled maintenance works to ensure that the flood reservoirs and recreation ponds are functioning optimally.

“Maintain timely records of assets or infrastructure of rivers and flood reservoirs and recreation ponds, as well as improve on-site monitoring methods for project supervision and project maintenance,” it said.

source – Bernama

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