A closer look at Fendi’s limited-edition Lunar New Year capsule collection

Red, gold, and very lucky: meet the seasonal exclusive Fendi Baguette.

This year, the first day of the lunar calendar falls on 12 February, with the tail-end of the holiday just catching onto Valentine’s Day. Celebrating the Year of the Ox, Fendi has unveiled an annual Lunar New Year capsule collection in none other than the traditional colours of lucky red and wealth-bringing gold.

Expect to still see the brand’s beloved tropes, albeit in a new, very-fitting CNY-centred palette. The rota of bags, accessories and ready-to-wear separates all share the same tinge of bright scarlet. A shade dedicated to luck. Warding off evil spirits. Passion and joy.

It’s awash on the leather exterior of the Peekaboo; a part of the two reworked colourway of the Baguette’s iconic ‘FF’ monogram (a delicious ensemble of pinks, whites, reds and creams or a deep burgundy and maroon); and dabbed upon a new floral print composed of three different blooms: Chrysanthemum, a symbol of longevity; Peony, beauty and honour; and Plum blossoms, whose five-petal bud each represents one blessing: happiness, good fortune, longevity, success and harmony.

Shop the limited-edition capsule collection online and in-store at Fendi boutiques.

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