8 Youtubers to follow for DIY home hacks

Who doesn’t love a budget-friendly home hack?

There’s simply no better time than now to start redecorating your space while we’re cooped up at home. You might have thought of organising and decluttering, so why not push it further? Even if you’re not looking at tackling massive renovations, sometimes all you need to do is freshen up your living space by adding new touches. Think of it as an outlet to push your creativity skills by challenging yourself with these DIY hacks that are also pocket-friendly.

Luckily, we have made a list of YouTubers that you can follow and take notes from to help you achieve that. Whether you’re aiming to elevate your home office space, adding beautiful decors to your living room or dreamed of a better organisational structure to your kitchen, we sure do have it all to suit your needs. Get ready to explore these channels with a pen and paper ready, because you’re in for a treat. 

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Happy Crafts

There’s nothing like dedicating your time on the weekends by crafting something you can be proud of. With Happy Crafts, you can create these quick and easy home decor to bring you joy when you place them at your favourite spot in the house. From beautifying your candle stands to mirrors and vases, it’s all right here. 

The Mr Kate

Trust husband-and-wife duo, Kate Albrecht and Joey Zehr, to know the tips and tricks to transform your living space. You’ll be charmed by their witty personality and amazed by the room transformation they’ve been doing till today – don’t miss out on the decorating hacks they’ve posted online too. 

XO, MaCenna

MaCenna shares her love for designing spaces, DIY hacks and turning items bought from your local thrift stores into something new again. Browse through her playlist and you’ll find themes to cater to what you’re aiming for. We’d suggest watching her Thrift Flips and Entryway Makeover as a good place to start.

Emily Sanchez, Classy Casita

If you’ve turned into a recent plant mum, you’ll be thrilled to find that Emily Sanchez is here to help amplify your space with beautiful greenery. With her enlightening guide to decorating, crafting decor and care tips, your days will be easier from now on. Boho-themed makeovers are also up her alley if you’re looking at revamping your humble abode.  

The Sorry Girls

The duo behind The Sorry Girls is here to power you through to achieve the best outcome with their free-spirited energy. You’ll be in awe with their helpful trendy decors guide to budget-friendly setups and redesigning your ideal space from your dream mood board – check out the video above to craft your own rug.

I like to make stuff

Here’s something for the handy lads who are ready to whip out the tools from the shed. If you’ve been dreaming of building a portable fire pit grill, bed storage or a coat rack from scraps, this is the best place to learn how to do it. For advanced builders, you can even learn how to build a work table to rolling tool carts and more. 

Kristen McGowan

We enjoyed Kristen’s organisation videos because let’s face it, lockdowns are meant for these things. Her space-saving to bathroom and kitchen hacks is just what you need to satisfy your organisation goals. However, her shopping trips to score the best items from Ikea is our second favourite video series to watch too.  

DIY Dalia

With her neutral aesthetics with a boho touch, we love Dalia’s helpful DIY videos to gain knowledge from. Our favourites have to be her how-to tutorial in creating your own rattan headboard and knowing pointers to glam up home, even if it’s just a rental – it’s not only pleasing to the eye but definitely refreshing to boost your mood.

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