8 non-cheesy ways to wear hearts this Valentine’s Day

Wearing red and pink hearts for Valentine’s Day is so Fifth Grade.

This Valentine’s Day, we want to keep things romantic but approach them in a lesser conventional way. That’s why we’ve put together the search patrol to suss out the best non-cheesy heart-bearing clothing we could find on the interwebs. From shirts and sandals and jewellery and sunglasses, read on for our take on some cool outfit ideas for Valentine’s Day 2021, complete with a suggested date idea to wear them on. As it turns out, you can wear your heart on your sleeve and still look edgy, too.

[Hero Image Credit: Disaya; Featured Image Credit: Birkenstock via Pomelo Fashion]


Timeless Pearly Gold-plated, Pearl and Glass Earrings

We love mismatching earrings, and who says you can’t flaunt them on Valentine’s Day? After all, no couple is made equal. These Timeless Pearly earrings are strung with freshwater pearls on the one side, and with a glass heart on the other. Detachable and thereby very versatile, we like the many ways you could wear these accessories for a very unique look.

The date you should wear them to: Brunch at a rooftop restaurant

What makes them non-cheesy: They’re mismatching, and that’s cool

[Image credit: Net-a-Porter]

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Disaya Love Always Wins Print Hawaii Shirt

Disaya had us from the get-go with this number because we love its name. Granted, it’s a little cheesy, but the hearts on this shirt certainly aren’t. We like the playfulness of the Tic Tac Toe game, and the bowling alley vibe we get from it. We can imagine this looking very cool with jeans and a pair of killer heels.

The date you should wear it to: Casual drinks at a hidden bar

What makes it non-cheesy: The masculine cut, which gives it plenty of edge

[Image credit: Disaya]

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Jennifer Meyer Heart 18-Karat Gold Turquoise Earrings

Hearts need not always be red. For those who wish to be blue this Valentine’s Day, Jennifer Meyer’s earrings are a nice companion. They aren’t overly obvious hearts (which we love) but you can still tell that they’re heart-shaped (which we love). Made with 19-karat gold and 0.74 carats of turquoise, it’s a small yet precious accessory to sport. As a side note, they make for a nice gift, too.

The date you should wear them to: Dinner at a French bistro

What makes them non-cheesy: Turquoise is definitely not cheesy

[Image credit: Net-a-Porter]

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Disaya Heart Denim Shorts

We love the idea of wearing denim for Valentine’s Day — far away from the fluff of pink feathers and unnecessary glitter. This pair of shorts by Disaya manages to pull off an aura of cool without losing its femininity. We like the idea of hearts on shorts, and even big hearts on shorts, without having them look childish. For bonus points, pair this look with the matching denim shirt and rock it like a faux playsuit.

The date you should wear them to: Day trip to Bang Krachao

What makes them non-cheesy: Denim is never cheesy, it’s a classic

[Image credit: Disaya]

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Balenciaga Oversized Printed Crepe Shirt

This shirt has all the ingredients to make it cheesy, and yet something about its fit and its branding ensure that it is far from cheesy. Balenciaga combines two of its favourite elements here: relaxed silhouettes and a vibrant design. We like the dropped shoulders and wide sleeves that make this look very casual, which is especially great if you’re trying to keep it casual with the date you’re meeting.

The date you should wear it to: Picnic at the park

What makes it non-cheesy: It’s oversized

[Image credit: Net-a-Porter]

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Saint Laurent Loulou Heart-shaped Acetate Sunglasses

Let’s not act like you haven’t seen these everywhere. We’ve been obsessed with Saint Laurent’s LouLou sunglasses since they first launched, and Valentine’s Day is a pretty grand excuse to bring them out again.  Something about wearing black hearts on your eyes just has a very powerful and elegant vibe about it. Cat-eye, but make it Valentine’s Day.

The date you should wear them to: Poolside with your friends

What makes them non-cheesy: Do we really need to answer this?

[Image credit: Net-a-Porter]

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Birkenstock Arizona Hearts Sandals

Show your feet some extra love this Valentine’s Day with these comfortable Birkenstocks. A switch from regular plain colours, the playful design definitely ups the romance, and definitely provides a fun canvas to style your whole look. Pair with white jeans maybe? Denim skirt? Black chinos? You can have some fun here.

The date you should wear them to: A coffee date with sketchbooks

What makes them non-cheesy: They’re a little cheesy, but paired with the right outfit, they could pass off as cool

[Image credit: Birkenstock via Pomelo Fashion]

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Kloset Mini Heart Earrings

Do not be fooled by the image. These Kloset actually take up half of your ear, but do so in a way that does not look like you’re wearing inconvenient wireless headphones. We love beaded jewellery around here, and we love this pop of colour to liven up any casual outfit. There’s also a great double function: if your date says annoying things this Valentine’s Day, you can block out what they are saying. Fashion win-win.

The date you should wear them to: A ceramic workshop

What makes them non-cheesy: They’re massive, and they require massive confidence to wear

[Image credit: Kloset]

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