7 really neat pyjamas for really neat men

Yes, we know. A lot of men like to go shirtless to bed, if not entirely commando.

But this piece is for those men who love an actual pyjama set to wear to bed. Or for those men who like to lounge a little in some satins before going to bed. Or for those men who actually know how to pull off pyjamas as going-out wear far away from bed.

Here, we’re listing our favourite pyjamas for men of the minute. Whether as gift to the most handsome male in your life, or as something other than sweatpants to wear around the house, let these inspire you this season.

[Hero and Featured Image Credit: Desmond & Dempsey]


Desmond & Dempsey Cuban Pyjama Set

You could wear this to bed, or you could wear this to a barbecue. The options are endlessly fun. Designed by one of our favourite pyjama brands, this shirt (which is available with matching shorts) boasts a boxy shape, camp collar, and baggy sleeves. The star, clearly, is its colour palette. Very summery.

Best suited for: Those who like a look that can go from day to night

Dreams most likely to inspire: Travels in South America

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Cleverly Laundry Piped Garment-dyed Washed-cotton Pyjama Shirt

A cross between wildly comfy and still pretty classy, this Cleverly Laundry number is nice as a pyjama option as it can be paired with so many different kinds of pyjama bottoms. We like the garment-dyed cotton that is very friendly to touch, and we particularly appreciate the little red lining on the sleeves for a nice contrast.

Best suited for: The man who appreciates a balance between classic and contemporary

Dreams most likely to inspire: Some sort of murder mystery

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Paul Smith Striped Cotton Drawstring Pyjama Trousers

Some men don’t want to get overly adventurous with pyjama designs, and that’s totally a-okay. For those men, this pair of stripped cotton trousers is ideal. It features the trademark stripes we so know and love from Paul Smith, all the while being cut from a lightweight and breathable cotton. As we all know: breathable is the best.

Best suited for: The man who has been to London and drinks black tea in the morning

Dreams most likely to inspire: Flying free as a bird

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Versace Barocco Mosaic Print Silk Pyjama Pants

If you’re lounging at home but you’re also expecting company: opt for this Versace number. The pyjama pants are crafted from our silk twill, and feature the brand’s beautiful Barocco Mosaic print. There is also a matching shirt available, though we kind of like this one its own, too.

Best suited for: Those who own a blender and make things like kale or celery smoothies

Dreams most likely to inspire: Action-packed adventures

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Desmond & Dempsey Men’s Pyjama Shirt in Circe Lion Print

There’s something about the contrasting hues here which make this Desmond & Dempsey pyjama shirt very likeable. We love the lion print, adding a manly touch to what is normally considered a feminine colour. There are matching pants to this shirt, though for the time being they are sadly sold out.

Best suited for: The man who is a lion, but doesn’t shy away from wearing pink

Dreams most likely to inspire: A feast with beasts

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Tom Ford Velvet-trimmed Stretch-silk Satin Pyjama Trousers

If you’re one for buying something that feels as nice as it looks, these Tom Ford pyjama trousers are ideal. Made from fluid stretch-silk satin, the skin is pampered right before bed, almost like a subtle selfcare ritual. In a green shade that is as calming as it is luxurious, it’s very easy to slip into some very sweet dreams here.

Best suited for: Those who wear pyjamas to look and feel glamorous

Dreams most likely to inspire: Something on a dance floor

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Zimmerli Printed Silk-satin Pyjama Set

Traditional and yet not boring: this Zimmerli pyjama set exudes plenty of elegance. It’s made using fluid silk-satin and trimmed with a cream piping for contrast. To top it off, the buttons here are made from mother-of-pearl. Pair with a bathrobe, and really become Prince of Pyjamas in all your glory.

Best suited for: Those who stay up all night but look great doing it

Dreams most likely to inspire: Kevin in Home Alone 2 when he orders ice cream for room service

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