7 face filter apps to spice up your selfies

Face filter apps are a textbook essential for taking marvellous selfies.

You need a face filter app to take profile-worthy selfies. Unless you have a professional camera, it’s difficult to have photos that will impress people on your social media. Yet face filter apps do more than just making you look flawless and turning your selfies into stunning works of art. In addition to the professional photo edits, you can explore various versions of yourself and add stickers for a new look. Here, we’ve curated a list of face filter apps that will make your selfies more fun and exciting.

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Face Play will change the way you take selfies and is great for killing boredom. It gives you a chance to try your hand at cosplaying. At the same time, and it aids you in creating unique content to get more likes on social media. All you have to do is simply enter a selfie of you on the cosplay clip that you select. FacePlay will then merge the two faces to create a combination of both. From ancient Chinese costumes to urban styles, your choices for cosplay clips are endless. Caution: it’s hard to get off this stuff once you’re hooked.

Download FacePlay for iOS or Android.

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You wouldn’t want to miss out on B612. The app is one of the winners of the Red Dot Award 2015. On top of that, it’s one of the face filter apps that many Kpop idols swear by, including members of Blackpink and BTS. With new stickers every day to shake up your routine, you’ll become sticker-savvy in no time. Plus, there’s a wide array of beauty effects and playback speeds to create your own music video, too.

Download B612 for iOS or Android.

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With over 200 themed filters and effects, you get a great-looking selfie every time with BeautyPlus. Every facial feature of yours can be edited with its beautification tools. What’s more, you can remove the background objects to make your selfie more Instagrammable, too. Although it’s not free, it’s an investment-worthy app for the ‘gram.

Download BeautyPlus for iOS or Android.

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Used by millions of people around the world, SNOW is rated as one of the best face filter apps to have on your phone. It has easy-editing features that allow you to make simple yet powerful edits to existing selfies. Aside from the stylish AR makeup filters that you’ll love, it lets you try natural skin effects and fine-tune your style. Be on the lookout for seasonal filters as well.

Download SNOW for iOS or Android.

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Ulike is capable of giving you a cover girl transformation and letting your light shine on social media. Unlike the other apps, Ulike has a guide for posing, to help you nail every selfie that you take. It also offers a delicate fine-tuning for your face and can give you that dewy skin look, too.

Download Ulike for iOS or Android.

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There are only a few face filter apps that have Korea hooked, and SODA is one of them. It has the HD mode to provide high-quality settings for exceptional selfies. Whilst there is a portrait effect that levels up ordinary selfies, the quick and simple beauty effects will give you a perfect finish. It’s the effortless beauty camera that helps you to create diversified styles.

Download SODA for iOS or Android.

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Meitu is a favourite among celebrities and influencers. While taking selfies, Meitu has a smart AI technology that detects your facial features and adds cute stickers or hand-drawn effects to your face. It’s where you can meet awesome effects, filters, and stickers and say a forever goodbye to dull selfies.

Download SODA for iOS or Android.


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