57 Comforting Sausage Recipes, for When You Want Big Flavor Fast

This list of sausage recipes is your year-round answer to, “What’s for dinner?” The case: (1) Sausages are super easy to make; whether packaged and cured or fresh from the butcher counter, they’re cooked through in 30 minutes or fewer. 2) They defy the seasons, feeling as at home on the grill in summer as they are bathed in a hearty, winter stew. 3). Each link is packed with flavor, blessing anything it touches with salty-meaty-smokiness. We’re talking about the mustardy, swiss-chard salad featuring chunks of kielbasa(!), cheddar cheese, and a scattering of pretzel bits. The vibrant and aromatic Thai sai ua samun phrai amped up by an umami-chile dipping sauce. And the cozy, sausage-laced weeknight beans on toast that’ll make enough for breakfast the next day, too. When dinnertime comes a-knockin,’ these sausage recipes will have you rockin’.


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