5 Ways to Welcome the Year of the Ox for Luck, Success and New Opportunities

As we approach the Lunar New Year, we prepare ourselves to welcome a new era, this time with the sturdy and dependable Ox leading the way.

While January 1 marks the beginning of the New Year, I have personally always regarded the Lunar New Year as the ‘real’ start of the year. Perhaps, it is because of the symbolism and traditions associated with the Lunar New Year that allow us to bid farewell to the year that was and usher in the brand new year.

Crafted for extraordinary celebrations like these and steeped in tradition itself, the Royal Salute pays homage to the traditions synonymous to the Chinese New Year with a Special Edition created especially for the occasion. The Royal Salute Chinese New Year Special Edition features Chinese symbols including the dragon and the lucky knotwork to signify health and prosperity for the coming year.

The Year of the Ox promises to be positive and productive year, so let us take the opportunity to welcome the trusty Ox in celebratory style that is the custom during the Lunar New Year, in anticipation of a prosperous New Year. With that in mind, here are some of our suggestions on how to welcoming the new year with pomp and grandeur..

1. Surround yourself with beautiful objects

Year of the Ox

Chinese New Year is typically seen as the time to refresh and enhance your home décor. It marks a time for us to expel the bad luck of the past year, and welcome the luck and prosperity for the new year. Get rid of unnecessary clutter, donate your old stuff to charity and put out the items that signify good luck in the coming new year. Welcoming the new year with rich décor is essential to set the vibe for the year to come. As most of us are confined to our homes during this period, it is even more integral to ensure that we derive pleasure from our surroundings. This is a perfect chance to explore beautiful art to adorn your walls or intricate ornaments to make your environment more interesting.

2. Dress for the occasion

Royal Salute Chinese New Year Special Edition

Just because celebrations will be at home this year, it doesn’t mean we can’t still dress up for the occasion. Put on the brand new outfit you put aside for the dinner and you will surely get into the festive mood. Better yet, set a theme for the whole family to dress to put everyone into the right spirit. Anything can become a celebration/occasion with the right outfit. The first day of the Lunar New Year should be a time for us to get out of our loungewear and adorn ourselves in prosperous colours.

3. Indulge in festive treats

Royal Salute Chinese New Year Special Edition

Cuisine is an integral aspect of any festive occasion here in Malaysia, and the Lunar New Year is no different. Tradition dictates that there are certain items that should be served and that everyone looks forward to at each reunion dinner. This year should be no exception. Whether you’re cooking for yourself or supporting your favourite local establishment by ordering in, set the tone for the rest of the year by indulging yourself with the fine cuisine that we have come to associate the Lunar New Year with. The reunion with my family always features the dishes that my grandmother used to serve. Your family would also have dishes that are equally meaningful. These would include fish which signifies prosperity; dumplings for wealth; sweet rice balls for family and longevity noodles for happiness.

4. Keep your sights on your goals

Royal Salute Chinese New Year Special Edition

January may have moved swiftly by but the Lunar New Year gives us the opportunity to reset and refocus on our goals for the year. Despite the current uncertainties, don’t allow yourself to lose sight of what matters. Get yourself back on track and achieve those personal and professional goals you have set out. A clear purpose will ensure a clear path towards your ambitions.

5. Have a drink

Royal Salute Chinese New Year Special Edition

Finally, remember to take time for yourself and savour the moment. What better way to do that then to take a moment each day and unwind? Have a drink and pat yourself on the back for making it through the day, week or month. We hear Royal Salute is best enjoyed over ice.

(Main image credit: RODNAE Productions from Pexels)


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