5 TikTok videos that will get you into clay art

TikTok is a magic box of chocolates. You never know what may be trending next.

Let’s face it – we’ve accepted TikTok into our lives and as part of our daily routine. We laugh, we learn and we get creative; whether it’s through dance trends, educational news and just plain humour to brighten up our day. The best thing about this app is how art and music are celebrated no matter how big or small your following is.

This time, we’re seeing a huge trend for clay art and the final products of each piece is not only inspiring but such a joy to look at. The best part? You don’t even need skills or bake them in the oven – just let your creativity flow, have these TikTok’s as inspiration, have patience and let it air dry. We’ve tried it ourselves and it’s simply one of the best therapies in the world. Be sure to give these pages a follow and let your imagination run wild. 

[Hero Image Credit: Annie Spratt/Unsplash; Featured Image Credit: Diana Akhmetianova/Unsplash]



so shiny :,) #fyp #clay #airdriedclay #diy

♬ original sound – laufey

First thing’s first, it’s always a good idea to start with simple shapes and sizes to start with. This video is a great example of the start of your clay journey. The goal is to decide on the desired shape, pick your simple pastels combo and let your creativity flow – we have our eye on the egg-style dish.



🍓Strawberry Tray process #art #clay #airdryclay #cottagecore

♬ Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second – STRFKR

If you’re feeling adventurous, mould your favourite fruit, just like how Ana Paula did with this strawberry dish. Don’t worry, you’ll get a step-by-step process from the start till the finishing touches, so you can try it at home too.



Reply to @kyliekoolkid here ya go! it’s raining here so i thought this audio was perfect for a rainy monday 🙂 #fyp #froggo #smallbusiness #clayart

♬ flowers by in love with a ghost – moth

This jewellery dish is too adorable to say no to. With Gabby’s help, you can create your very own frog and lily pad dish to add as decor to your bedroom. If you’re not too comfortable yet with the moulding of your tiny frog, you can start with the lily pad first as an experiment, and then go from there. 



What do you think?💜#airdryclay#greece🇬🇷#potterywitch#clay#yinyang#ashtray#indiee#spiritualitycheck#smallbusine#sculptures#hippie#airdryclaydiy

♬ original sound – ♡

Yes, you can also make your very own ashtray that will be perfect as a gift for close friends. Learn how to make one right here; get inspired to craft and paint it in this yin and yang design. Note the creepy eyeballs on the dish. 



I was going for sage green but I’m not so sure it is #clay#clayart#clayartist#airdryingclay#airdryclay#artist#decoration#tray

♬ Golden – Harry Styles

The great thing about clay making is that you don’t always have to settle with grey clay. You can even opt for coloured clay to mess around with, and here Miranda crafted this quirky heart-faced dish that we absolutely love to have as a funky decor on the side table. Another option is to just leave it as it is for that raw natural finish.

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