5 Reasons to Visit HermèsFit, a Bespoke Gym Experience by Hermès


Get ready to experience Hermès accessories with a fitness twist. Hermès has unveiled HermèsFit, an event that invites friends and followers of the house to break a sweat in a bespoke Hermès gym, from yoga with carrés, stretching with belts, to shadowboxing with bracelets. 

Kicking off in Bangkok at Central World Square between 18th and 27th March 2022, HermèsFit offers an active way of experiencing Hermès accessories – an elegant, joyful expression of fun and fitness. Here are five reasons why you should visit this one-of-a-kind exhibit.

HermèsFit is an Interactive Space

Anyone who wants a taste of something fresh, fun, and innovating should not miss this space. Mixing fashion with history, art, accessories and a modern lifestyle, HermèsFit is a dynamic experience.

The interactive space, vividly decorated in the house’s signature orange, is complete with rooms for scheduled workout classes, a weights wall complete with custom Hermès barbells and kettlebells, locker room, a carré-inspired calisthenics course, a boxing ring, a climbing wall, and a juice bar. Be sure to book a space for one of the fitness classes, and prepare to break a sweat.

It Offers a Unique Way to Explore the New Accessory Collection

At HermèsFit, visitors will get the opportunity to see and interact with Hermès’ new accessory collection – from silk scarves, leather belts, and fragrances, down to small leather goods, hats, and even shoes. These are displayed throughout the space as a form of fashion decor, and also play a major role in the fitness classes that HermèsFit is offering its guests. The experience offers a unique way to playfully explore and engage with the new collection.

It Pays Homage to Greek Mythology

With this one-of-a-kind, unique occasion in tow, there’s no way anyone would leave this place without a photo or two. Not only is the venue decorated in the house’s signature orange; every room is also filled with graphic motifs that pay homage to Hermes, the ancient Olympian deity from ancient Greek mythology. This also happens to be where the Hermès fashion house name is derived from. Expect Greek pillars along the walls and ancient Greek statue motifs, all with a modern and minimal twist.

There are Classes That you can Attend

For those who want to switch up their workout with a fashionable twist, head on over to the HermèsFit gym. This is where you can take part in various classes, led by trainers dressed in bright orange who promise an unexpected way to get to grips with the unique training program.

After putting your belongings in the locker room, head into Carré Yoga, where you will find your balance in a series of scarf-inspired poses. In Belt Stretching, pick the perfect belt to help you breathe, stretch, and relax. Grab your bangles to kick and punch in style in Kickboxing with Bracelets. In the Hat Balance Challenge, it’s all about keeping your hat on, while in the Small Leather Goods Workout, keeping hold of small leather goods helps you work out with grace, strength, and flexibility.

Classes can be booked online at hermes.com.

In the Evenings, Expect Live Music

In the evening, the central boxing ring – complete with punching bags decadently decorated with silk carré prints – is transformed into a space for performances on the weekends. Expect DJ sets, concerts, and upbeat tunes. The vibrant, round ping pong table will also challenge you and your friends to a fun match as the music plays. To top it all off, visitors are also encouraged to strike a pose in the photobooth for a knockout #HERMESFIT moment to keep the memories of the night alive.

HermèsFit is open to the public from 18 March 2022. The ten-day event is a continuation of the global HermèsFit series with stopovers all over the world, from Tokyo and New York to Paris. Find out more at hermes.com.

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