5 pet-friendly hotels in Bangkok to check out with your pooch

Some of us sleep with a night light. Some of us sleep with a stuffed animal. Some of us sleep next to the roaring breath and drool of a Siberian husky.

If you fall into the latter group, this piece is for you.

Pet-friendly restaurants are becoming increasingly popular as the trend of taking your designer pooch to brunch only keeps on growing. What we love even more, however, is that pet-friendly hotels are becoming more of a thing, meaning that we get to go on staycations and take our best buddy along with us, too.

Not to be confused with a pet hotel, a pet-friendly hotel is a hotel for humans that also allows your furry friend to stay with you. Most have extra pet fees and cleaning charges for this, yet all really do welcome your cat, dog, or iguana with open arms. Some of them even offer special treats and privileges for this experience. A selection of our favourites can be found linked right below.

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Kimpton-Maalai Bangkok

The Kimpton-Maalai Bangkok caused much buzz when it first opened, in large part because some of Bangkok’s most adorable pets were spotted at its Craft lounge. Their ‘Happy Pets, No Regrets’ policy allows any pet (!) to stay with you for a pet-friendly staycation completely free of charge. There are also special privileges for your beloved, spanning toys, beds, grooming kits, strollers, and treats. Need more proof of their love for pets? They even have their own hashtag: #KimptonPets.

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W Bangkok

If Sathorn is the hood your pooch prefers to hang in, look no further than the W Bangkok. Long known as a hip and happening place for colourful souls, pets are welcome at the W Bangkok with a maximum of one pet per room. It’s a great spot for your pet friend to admire the Bangkok CBD cityscape, and for 2021 especially, the regular pet fee has also been waived. All the more reason to go.

Pet Fee

THB 750/night fee and THB 3000/stay cleaning fee, but this is cancelled throughout 2021

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The Sukhothai Bangkok

An oasis of calm in the city, we love The Sukhothai for its historic inspirations and soothing, artful energy. Yet don’t let this fool you into thinking cats and dogs are not welcome. Pets are allowed for staycations here, so long as they weigh less than 35 kg, are fully vaccinated, and trained to be friendly.

Pet Fee

THB 500 net per night per pet

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Siam Kempinski

The Siam Kempinski has a special selection of room types and room locations for those who’d like to bring pets. The offer is especially lucrative for those who have smaller pets (little puppers are super welcome), as the hotel’s pet policy is restricted to domesticated dogs or cats who do not weigh more than 11kg.

Pet Fee

THB 1500++ per night

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The Athenee Hotel, A Luxury Collection Hotel

A Luxury Collection Hotel that still allows pets within its premises: we kind of love this. With a maximum of one pet per room, The Athenee Hotel allows pets that weigh under 6kg to enjoy a pet-friendly staycation. For those who have a recently-adopted kitten they just can’t chill without, show her some love with weekend here.

Pet Fee

THB 3531 per night

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