5 foodie dogs that seem to eat way better than their humans

Calling out all foodies and dog devotees: you need to follow these Instagram accounts.

There’s no denying that Instagram is a scrumptious space for foodies to keep an eye on the latest and coolest trends in dining. But if you’re already bored of seeing IG feeds flooded with typical food photos, switching to these accounts of foodie dogs just seems like a great change of screen.

Check out our list of the best food-centric foodie dog Instagram accounts with feeds that are just as adorable as they are tummy-awakening.

[Featured image credit: Instagram/marleyhugs; hero image credit: Unsplash/Christian Bowen]



Seattle-based dog Marley is a part-time foodie and a full-time cuddle bear who enjoys pizza as much as he enjoys cuddles. His posts will satisfy you with a cuteness overload whilst also leaving you hungry all at the same time.

[Image credit: Instagram/marleyhugs]



Although Marshmallow & Graham’s main thing is fashion, their secondary hobby is also dining in style — and by that we mean eating in their best designer attire and sunglasses.

[Image credit: Instagram/marshiepom]



Bruce and Bella together with their human always take great delight in highly drool-inducing food that makes their account, frenchieandthefood, hard for you to look at with an empty stomach.

[Image credit: Instagram/frenchieandthefood]



When it comes to foodie dogs, it’s unacceptable to not include popeyethefoodie on the list. With over 410k followers, Popeye is no ordinary LA pup. He is an acclaimed guru on pet-friendly restaurants with a food-focused Instagram feed that will be sure to stimulate your hunger.

[Image credit: Instagram/popeyethefoodie]



Claiming to be “the happiest corgi in all the land,” Wally’s posts of him eating are solid evidence of this statement. He loves everything from cakes and pies to pizza and peanut butter. Sounds familiar.

[Image credit: Instagram/wallythewelshcorgi]


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