5 Designers Tell Us How Essential Windows Are in Creating Open Space and the Right Ambiance

Luxury window system distributor JS Aluminium Window invites five experienced designers to tell us about the importance of a high-quality, premium window system – from their point of view.

When designing your ideal place – be it a polished one to focus and work in, a relaxing one to unwind and retreat in, or even a welcoming one for a guest to stay in – creating space and setting the right mood is key. In this densely populated city with limited ground (over three-quarters of Hong Kong is green, conservation area!), it’s important to utilise what you can to make your spaces open, bright and comforting.

But it’s not just aesthetics – given the unpredictable weather we see year and year on, it’s more important than ever to choose a high-quality, typhoon-proof window system that is guaranteed to withstand whatever is thrown at it and protect your home. Windows are an essential tool in space-making and mood-setting – let these five interior designers tell you exactly why:

Bean Buro

  • bean buro co-founder - lorene faure kenny kinugasa tsui.jpeg
    Lorène Faure and Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui, founders of Bean Buro
  • bean buro js aluminium window ‘chalet terrace'
    A chalet terrace for a private residential client
  • bean buro js aluminium window ‘social house clubhouse nan fung group
    Ori in Tuen Mun’s feature ‘Social House’ clubhouse for Nan Fung Group
  • A luxurious duplex apartment in Mount Pavilia, Clear Water Bay

Led by Royal Institute of British Architects architects Lorène Faure and Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui, architecture and interior studio Bean Buro provides award-winning architectural interior design services.

“With our background as architects, we approach our interiors, emphasising utilising natural daylight and shadows to create spaces. Windows are fundamental to the architectural setting since they are situated at the threshold between inside and outside, constantly informing our perception of the external sceneries and our tactile experiences of internal material finishes when they are brought to life by natural daylight.”

— Lorène Faure & Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui, founders of Bean Buro

Bean Buro, www.beanburo.com, instagram.com/bean_buro, facebook.com/beanburo


  • BEAUTY BLOODY BONZA co-founders Greta Mak and Peter Scott
  • beauty bloody bonza js aluminium windows
    A courtyard house in Melbourne with seamless oversized doors
  • Steel windows provide a touch of old-world charm to clubhouse facilities in Taoyuan
  • A seminar hall entrance with full height pivot doors

Integrated architecture and interior design firm BEAUTY BLOODY BONZA specialises in multi-residential, private residential and commercial design in cities across Asia, with an Australian design philosophy.

“Not purely a visual medium, windows alter the way we feel space and experience our home. Simultaneously protecting from and connecting to the elements, fenestration presents the ability to transform the spaces we inhabit. Through operability and manoeuvrability, they become key touchpoints, where the quality of the system is felt through the weighted effortlessness of their movement”

— Peter Scott, co-founder of BEAUTY BLOODY BONZA

BEAUTY BLOODY BONZA, www.beautybloodybonza.com, instagram.com/beautybloodybonza

Monotype Studio

  • Monotype Studio Jackey Ip
    Jackey Ip, founder and design director of Monotype Studio
  • A window sill forms a ‘picture frame’, highlighting the nature outdoor
  • A wooden veranda brings nature into the interior
  • Sun shining through Georgian bar windows
  • A study desk portal frame with a mountain view

Design firm Monotype Studio is the brainchild of Bartlett School of Architecture graduate Jackey Ip. The founder and design director draws inspiration from Hong Kong’s rich cultural history – some of his projects include co-designing the MoMa store in K11 Musea as well as the recent opening of the Golden Scene cinema in Kennedy Town by his own studio.

“Picture window invites us to take in a view that is thoughtfully framed, from a scenic moment to a time-lapse of urban dynamics. The awareness of time gives us hints to adapt our day with timely events or functions. Our interior layouts could be composed from inside out, and harmoniously with windows outside in, dramatizing a façade with a montage of indoor life and lights at night…”

— Jackey Ip, founder and design director Monotype Studio

Monotype Studio, instagram.com/mntyp.hk, facebook.com/mntyp.hk


  • OFGA co-founders Winston Yeo and Effie Yang
  • Light and passage
  • Nature you can touch
  • Sea breeze
  • Mashrabiya-inspired Skylights

Started in 2013, OFGA is a boutique design practice based in Hong Kong that specialises in architecture, branding and space-making.

“A window gives orientation. It’s a point of connection to the elements. Is there a dramatic view? What is the quality of the light? Is it loud outside? Do we want to draw air in? Modern windows give us greater creative freedom in selecting which elements to draw in and which to keep out. It affords us greater confidence to go bigger and to create more meaningful connections.”

— Winston Yeo, co-founder of OFGA

OFGA, www.ofga.co, www.instagram.com/ofga_hk, www.facebook.com/ofgahk


  • A frameless full-height window
  • The texture on the glass creates a mirage-like image
  • A vertical strip window frames a fragment of the garden view

Design firm Eureka’s projects include bringing new life into existing libraries and tenements, as well as constructing everything from piers to children’s playrooms.

“We see window as a spatial device that defines the atmosphere of a space. Be it a narrow slit opening that brings in a glance of the landscape at a meditation space, or a mirage-like impressionist painting through textured glass, the window is performing actively in the creation of the emotion of a space.”

— Eureka Hong Kong

Eureka Hong Kong, www.eurekadesign.hk, www.facebook.com/eureka.architects

JS Aluminium Window Group Limited, info@js-window.com; +852 3621-0138


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