5 creative Thai makeup artists to follow on Instagram

These Thai creative makeup artists do makeup beyond glam. 

Makeup is not just a perfect winged eyeliner or a bold red lipstick, although we love it. It goes way beyond that. For decades now, makeup has been an eloquent medium employed by creative-minded individuals all over the world. From special effects makeup to social media trends, to prosthetics, to period makeup, to drag queen makeup, the ingenuity of makeup is infinite. So is the ingenuity of these Thai makeup artists. 

Here, we’ve compiled a list of local make up artists that do makeup that goes beyond glam. Brace yourselves for some jaw-dropping artwork. We’ve got out very own cast of Glow Up right here in Thailand.


International makeup artist, makeup educator, and producer Swanti Suwanne is all about pushing the boundaries of generic makeup, as exhibited in the sensational art she produces. Besides creating bonafide, unforgettable looks and winning makeup contests, Swanti also implements her creativity to campaign for political and social change. The gifted MUA also does glam for the ‘gram. 


Full-time student, part-time makeup artist, Aasis Chularatnaphol specialises in bloody, spine-chilling looks. The dexterous artist’s special effects makeup will make you look twice and question what’s real and what’s not. In addition, Aasis also keeps her feed updated by hopping on social media makeup trends on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. 


Guaranteed to add a splash of creativity to your feed, this makeup artist creates all sorts of looks, and all looks are showstoppers. Drawing inspiration from other Insta-famous MUAs like Mady Kennedy and Katie Butt, the artist adds their own twist to each look. Grocery store makeup, illusion makeup, politically-inspired makeup — follow for these looks, and copious more. 


Makeup artist Atipp creates looks that are one for the books. Known for his signature bat ear prosthetics, the individualistic MUA’s Instagram feed is filled with pioneering artwork. Atipp gives us the most stunning #RBF we’ve ever seen. The artist also reviews makeup from different brands. 


Apart from glam makeup for which the MUA is best recognised, @homeless_makeup also creates intriguing, eye-catching looks. Scroll through their feed for futuristic makeup, activism makeup, abstract makeup, and more. 


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