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Dyan Rosal-Em

Managing partner

Touch XDA


When the former managing director of the DDB-owned Philippines-based media agency Touch XDA (TXDA) left in 2019, Dyan Rosal-Em took over responsibilities to oversee the day-to-day business, including talent management. 

Under her leadership and with her team’s support, TXDA experienced unprecedented success year after year, achieving continued organic growth with its long-time clients, including the Philippines’ leading telco provider PLDT and Smart Group.

In 2021, Touch XDA achieved PHP71.3 million (US$1.4 million) in revenue, with more than half a million US$ in profit before tax, reflecting a healthy margin of 40%. This was then followed by a phenomenal 1,400% growth in new business growth in 2022.

Rosal-Em believes that growth of the agency’s people is critical for TXDA’s sustainable business growth and enables it to continue creating meaningful value for clients. She makes sure to provide TXDA talent with the right opportunities to grow professionally to continue creating meaningful value for clients and their consumers. For example, she ensures there are regular town halls to communicate company updates to employees to promote transparency. 

Clearly, she’s doing something right as the agency enjoys a high retention rate of 96%. TXDA also achieved high DDB Worldwide employee engagement survey scores ranging from 87 to 94%.

As the youngest DDB Group Philippines’ gender-equal board and executive committee member, Rosal-Em champions gender diversity, equality and inclusion. She supports the network’s ‘Talent Has No Gender’ programme that encourages women to break the glass ceiling and achieve their full potential as leaders in the workplace while ensuring fair treatment across all genders. Rosal-Em also encourages policies that support work-life balance and promote work flexibility, a testament to her team’s talent retention and diversity.

A fan of K-drama actor Park Seo Joon and the world’s biggest boyband BTS, Rosal-Em initiates BTS concert live-streaming sessions with fellow fans at TXDA.




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