208 Dead, At Least 1,500 Injured In Week Of Israeli-Palestinian Hostilities: UN

UNITED NATIONS, May 18 (NNN-AGENCIES) – UN humanitarians said yesterday that, 208 people, mostly Palestinians, were killed, and at least 1,500 injured in a week of Israeli-Palestinian hostilities.

The Gaza Ministry of Health reported that 198 Palestinian people died – including 58 children – and 1,300 injured in seven days of bombardments by Israel. Israel reported only 10 people killed and hundreds more injured, by Palestinian rocket attacks launched from Gaza, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said.

Concentrating its report on the toll to Palestinians, the Humanitarians said, more than 42,000 displaced Palestinians are seeking protection in 50 schools across Gaza, operated by the UN agency for Palestinian refugees known as UNRWA.

Citing Gaza Ministry of Public Works and Housing, OCHA reported 94 buildings destroyed and 285 housing units severely damaged and rendered uninhabitable. The humanitarian partner, Shelter Cluster, reported more than 2,500 Palestinian people homeless.

Damaged structures include 41 education facilities, including schools, two kindergartens, a UNRWA vocational training centre, the Ministry of Education directorate and a higher education facility, the world organisation said. Additionally, four hospitals, two non-government hospitals, two clinics, a health centre and a Palestine Red Crescent Society were also damaged.

Electricity across Gaza is down to six to eight hours a day, on average, with some feeder lines not functioning, disrupting the provision of health care and other essential services, including water, hygiene and sanitation, OCHA said. Food and cash support needs are increasing.

The United Nations and humanitarian partners provide food and non-food items to displaced families in Gaza, and immediate cash assistance to more than 52,000 people.

They also provide remote psychosocial counselling sessions for the traumatised, increase awareness about the heightened risk of explosive remnants of war and assess property damage.

The UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights said, some recent Israeli airstrikes, particularly on high-rise buildings, are raising concerns of indiscriminate and disproportionate attacks, under international humanitarian law. Likewise, the launching of rockets and mortars from highly populated civilian neighbourhoods in Gaza into civilian population centres in Israel also may be unlawful.

In the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, widespread demonstrations and clashes between Palestinians and Israeli forces broke out in multiple locations, in commemoration of Nakba Day on Saturday, OCHA said. Two Palestinians were shot and killed by Israeli forces. Another boy died, after having been shot four days previously by Israeli forces.



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