12 Good Daily Habits That Can Change Your Life

It’s nice to live the let-go life and chart our steps on the fly without having to worry about what tomorrow brings. Life is short, they say, it’s okay to break some rules here and there but discipline and good habits should be the anchor that grounds us. These good practices are the very foundation on which great successes is built upon.

Successful people most often have the following common traits – disciplined, focused and they take charge of their life. They make every second of their lives count, because small steps can make big changes. Here are 12 good daily habits to incorporate into your routine if you want to change your life.

  1. Rise early and crush the day, remember the old saying “the early bird catches the worm”?

  2. A good workout clears the mind and keeps you fresh throughout the day.

  3. Fuel your day with a good breakfast and make sure it’s not a diet saboteur. Keep it healthy!

  4. Starting work early can make all the difference and it gives you a sense of accomplishment.

  5. The only way to do great work is to love what you do, no question about that.

  6. Never be too busy for lunch, it’s the key to health, happiness and productivity.

  7. It’s okay to take a break. Planned interruption can prevent burnout in the long run.

  8. The key to work-life balance is in your hands, take charge. Coco Chanel rightly pointed out: “There is a time for work, and time for love…”

  9. Indulging in life’s simple pleasures is so important for our wellbeing.

  10. A good skincare routine is an investment, you’ll reap it’s benefits in the long run.

  11. Plan your outfits, it helps you to stay organised. Carpe diem!

  12. Self-reflection allows you to pause and evaluate your actions. Make it a practice for a happier life.

J12: It’s All About Seconds

When every second counts, you can count on Chanel’s J12 watch. Crowned the first watch icon of the 21st century, it has been revolutionising watchmaking by pushing the parameters and going beyond the conventions since it was introduced in 2000. From a glossy, all-black finish to white and encrusted in diamonds, the evolution of the J12 in 20 years has been remarkable.

When you can’t decide between a white and a black, the French maison throws in an exquisite timepiece that combines both – the J12 Paradoxe. Boasting two-tone aesthetics achieved from a complex technical feat, the 2020-release watch is a grand display of pulchritude and Chanel’s heritage and DNA.

coco crush

Coco Crush: A Journey Of Love, Spirit And Impulse

No stranger to “no rules rule”, Coco Crush is guided by the free spirit credo that gives you wings to express your personal style. The fine jewellery collection line started out with just five rings and a cuff in 2015 before expanding to include earrings, necklaces, bracelets and different shades of gold.

Finished off by brand’s signature matelassé pattern, Coco Crush is – above all – the embodiment of “Love is a story that begins with you”. Love yourself!

For further information and to feast on the collections in all their glory, visit the CHANEL website here.

This article first published on Prestige Malaysia.

Talent: Lynn Lim
Videography: Aun Shots Studio
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Makeup: Plika Makeup
Hair: Keith Hair Styling
Concept: Dian Pasquinal Kaur
Special thanks: The Ruma Hotel and Residences


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