10 fresh nail art ideas that you’ll want to try this September 2021

It was only a matter of time before we all started venturing out again, but if you haven’t found the motivation to get your nails in shape, perhaps these nail art ideas might inspire you a little.  

This month, we’re into tiny details and bold colour blocking. As we pretend to have seasons and embrace the coming of fall (we’re allowed to dream, right?), we’re looking to autumnal hues with remnants of the summer for our colour palette. If you don’t have the most deft of hands, take these images to your favourite manicurist and she’ll sort them out for you with ease.

Whether you’re seeking a starry night-inspired manicure want to go loud with neons, these nail art ideas for September 2021 are sure to give you reason to leave the house again. 

(Hero and featured image credit: @hardasnails_studio)


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